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Vagi-Sooth Yeast Infection and Candida Treatment Review

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Overall Rating: 73.2% (product & cost comparison)

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Vagi-Sooth is a homeopathic remedy that uses all natural ingredients to help soothe vaginal burning, discharge, odor and itching.  One of the main issues we have with Vagi-Sooth is that it does not contain any probiotics which is crucial to controlling yeast and candida infections. Customers that use Vagi-Sooth claim in product reviews that it is very soothing to symptoms, but it takes about three weeks to see any effect from the product. Also, the manufacturers website claims that it only relieves symptoms and there are no claims that it treats the actual infection.  Therefore, another product may be needed to help with the infection itself.

Vagi-Sooth does support the body in maintaining a healthy reproductive tract.  One ingredient; Sepia, has long been used homeopathically for female disorders including menopause, chronic miscarriages, hot flashes, and PMS.  It is used in conjunction with other homeopathic ingredients to help alleviate symptoms of vaginal infection.

The ingredients are homeopathic, all natural and safe to use, since it is unhealthy to use perfumed products in the vaginal area.  The downside is none of the ingredients are anti-fungal and may not help with yeast infection, which is the root cause of vaginal discharge and itching.


It comes in a tincture and is taken orally, ten drops three to five times daily.  The manufacturer claims that a bottle will last 30 days.  Consumers have stated that the bottles are quite small and can be used up pretty fast.  Vagi-Sooth is $37.95 a bottle with single purchase. When four bottles are purchased the price is $30.96 per bottle, which turns out to be a little more than its competitors.

Our Conclusion:

The main issue with Vagi-Sooth is that you will need to buy an additional probiotic blend in combination to this. This product can be effective in treating the symptoms of yeast and vaginal infections but it is a bit pricey for what it doesn’t do, treat the actual infection.

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