Natural Battle against Candidiasis

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Natural Battle against Candidiasis

Infection caused by Candida yeast is known as candidiasis. It can develop on different parts of the body, affecting the nails, dentures, the area under the breasts or lower stomach. Many people suffer from yeast infections of the skin, especially occurring under skin folds and there are a lot of women experiencing unpleasant problems due to vaginal candididiasis.

Both men and women may suffer from yeast problems. Still, because of the specific environment of the vagina, female troubles seem to be more prominent. The yeast loves moisture, warmth and darkness, which makes the vaginal area a yeast-friendly zone.

There are numerous preparations against Candida you can find in the nearest drugstore. They usually work for some time and just when people think they have overcome the infection, it comes back once more. Besides medical solutions there are also natural cures for candidiasis.

The simplest and the most commonly available natural cure for yeast infection is water. There is no mistake about it – proper amount of clean water consumed every day will prevent development of any yeast infection. Water is completely natural and you will not have any problems with drinking it. Doctors always recommend drinking at least 8 glasses (or more) of clean water every single day. If the person experiences candidiasis, the water will enable elimination of sugar and without it the yeast will be incapacitated and have no fuel to grow any further.

Plain yogurt is also beneficial. Always make sure to buy unsweetened yogurt or prepare your own, using either cow milk or some vegan variations with almond or soy milk. Take some yogurt before the meal to promote digestion and fight candidiasis. Some experts even suggest using yogurt as topical natural cure for yeast infection. However, applying it on the affected area of the body may worsen itching, so approach this advice with caution.

Another useful liquid remedy for candidiasis is apple cider vinegar. It is not supposed to be applied directly onto the skin because it can cause irritation. Recommendations include drinking  apple cider vinegar or its use in the bath. For bathing, add a cup of this vinegar into the warm water and it should provide temporary relief.

Oregano oil rich in carvacrol is known to help many with yeast infections. Carvacrol is actually the main active ingredient and very helpful against Candida.

Garlic cloves, liquid and tabs are also great for itching associated with candidiasis. Cloves and tabs can even be applied directly onto the itching area, which usually successfully eliminates the issue. Garlic is supposed to be good as a food remedy against Candida, too. Crush a clove and use some water to pass it down the throat or take some garlic liquid or tablet, for the same purpose.

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