Nature vs. Yeast Infections

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Nature vs. Yeast Infections

Natural yeast infection treatment is probably the best possible solution, when it comes to dealing with this troublesome health problem. A yeast infection is a very common scenario in the lives of many and, if left untreated, it can evolve into a much more serious complication. Therefore, treating yeast infection timely is a must.

This infection is caused by a fungi called Candida albicans. Therefore, it needs to be exposed to chemicals and other microorganisms which can reduce its numbers and help one restore his/her former health. Bear in mind that yeast infection can appear in and on many parts of the body, regardless of the fact that the most common occurrence of it is related to vagina and vaginal area. You have probably heard of thrush and diaper rashes. Well, these two are Candida albicans infections as well, just affecting different areas.

Either way, finding a natural yeast infection treatment should be the goal of all people who find themselves in this awkward situation.

First of all, you are advised to pay more attention to your personal hygiene. Namely, yeasts grow in conditions which promote moisture, warmth and lack of fresh air. Therefore, wearing tight clothing made of artificial fibers is a very dangerous thing, even though many of us are not aware of this. Instead, focus on wearing lose, natural fiber underwear, allowing air to reach your genital area and make perspiration possible. Also, during the summer, when we visit the beaches and other such areas, we tend to

bathe and stay in our swimming suits during the whole day. In these situations, make sure you are wearing bathing suits with cotton lining and change it as soon as you finish bathing for the day, swapping it with dry clothes.

Secondly, many women commonly use cosmetic products which promote genital hygiene. However, this is bad for their health since these products destroy many useful microorganisms in our private areas, giving yeasts an opportunity to grow uncontrollably, triggering an infection. Thus, pay attention to your hygiene, but use mild, pH neutral soaps, change your towels often and wash your clothes adequately.

Genital Yeast Infection

In cases of genital yeast infection, your natural yeast infection treatment would have to be directed towards both you and your partner, since there is a high likelihood that both of you are infected. If this turns out to be true, both of you should go through the treatment together, following both the above mentioned and the following pieces of advice.

Vinegar baths are excellent for disinfecting the body from yeasts. So, pour a cup of vinegar into the hot bath full of water and hop in, enjoying this relaxing and soothing ritual for about 20 minutes. On average, 1 quart of water needs about 3 tablespoons of vinegar.

Additionally, include garlic and oregano oil into your daily nutrition. Both of these boost the immune system and can help your organism take the upper hand against yeasts. Drinking more yogurt than usually will add additional lines of defense to your organism. Alternatively, you can drink probiotic supplements.

Last but not least, tea tree oil is a well known natural yeast infection treatment. Before applying it, mix it with water in order to dilute it. You can both apply it on the genital area and gargle it, depending on the type of yeast infection you are dealing with.

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