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Veraferm Yeast Infection and Candida Treatment Review

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Overall Rating: 81.3% (product & cost comparison)

Product Claims:  

VeraFerm is a good product that uses ingredients to boost the immune system to help fight yeast infections.  This product lacks some key ingredients that target the yeast directly, such as undecylenic acid which is the most powerful anti-fungal, and this is why this product came in second on our list. It does contain probiotidcs, which is very important for fighting yeast and candida, but the quantities are too small to be effective unless you take more than the suggested dose.  VeraFerm contains only one ingredient that fights the yeast directly, but the other ingredients help replace beneficial bacteria that digest the yeast, another takes the food away from the yeast, one to nourish the skin and one to strengthen the immune system.  Combined, these ingredients are helpful in controlling yeast infections, but may not eradicate them.

People who have used this product state they need to take it on a regular basis without missing a dose.  The manufacturer also claims that for the best effects, consumers should follow certain dietary modifications.  Yeast live on sugar, so a reduced sugar diet helps the supplement control yeast better.


Compared to other products, VeraFerm is  $39.95 for one bottle.  This treatment may require more than one bottle for treatment, so $119.00 for four bottles can be a bit pricey for consumers.

Our Conclusion:

VeraFerm is a supplement that provides the body what it needs to fight off yeast.  This product does have some quality ingredients, but lacks most of the anti-fungal ingredients of our top product.  Also, the manufacturer claims that for best effect, you need to also go on a candida type diet.  This can be rigorous and inconvenient for many.  Our editors would like to see the addition of more quality probiotics added to the formula and undecylenic acid.

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Contains Undecylenic Acid (the most powerful anti-fungal) check-mark
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