Natural Candida Cure – Can it Really Help?

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Natural Candida Cure – Can it Really Help?

Candidiasis is an infection affecting various parts of the body caused by uncontrollable growth of some Candida species. It is also known as yeast infection. The infection occurs in both men and women, affects people of all ages and is closely connected with certain imbalances which contribute to the overgrowth of this microorganism.

  • Candida is under normal circumstances an inhabitant of the skin and is also found in other parts of the body. Its growth is under supervision of ‘good bacteria’ such as Lactobacillus acidophilus. Once this control is disturbed in any way, Candida starts multiplying excessively and triggers a range of symptoms and signs. Fortunately, many natural remedies are found to act as a highly efficient Candida cure. They actually represent the first line of the treatment.
  • As for Candida cure, we can find it almost everywhere. Most such cures can help cure the infection but the goal of the treatment in general is to treat the underlying cause or triggers of candidiasis, this way preventing its recurrence.When it comes to the very location of Candidiasis many body parts can be affected. So, there are oral thrush, diaper rash, vaginitis, skin infections etc. Oral thrush is commonly found in infants and also occurs in small children. The same goes for diaper rash. Vaginitis is frequently infection in women occurring in their reproductive years. Practically any part of the skin can be affected, from head to toes.
  • A person suffering from Candida infection (particularly if the microorganisms have attacked the intestine) is supposed to adapt the diets in such way that the food one consume possesses either antibacterial or antifungal properties. Probiotics, prebiotics and a whole palette of vitamins are more than welcomed. Vitamin C is known to boost the immune system. Antioxidants prevent the body from free radicals. Garlic is practically always used as a powerful Candida cure since it is a highly efficient antifungal agent.

  • One more available ingredient one can use against Candida infection is baking soda. Namely, the solution made of ½ tablespoon of baking soda dissolved in 1/8 cup of water is supposed to be used in the affected area several times per day. Baking soda

creates environment of specific pH which does not allow multiplication of fungi and this way prevents their further overgrowth. Baking soda can also be mixed with lemon juice and applied onto the infected parts of the skin. Additionally, the skin can be cleansed with a solution made of 5 drops of hydrogen peroxide 35% diluted in distilled water.

Even though at least one natural Candida cure can be efficient in eradicating the infection, the truth is that the affected ones must keep their immune systems as strong as possible, boost the overall immunity and prevent recurrent infections.

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