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Candida Gone Yeast Infection and Candida Treatment Review

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Overall Rating: 73.2% (product & cost comparison)

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Candida Goneis good because it uses probiotics to restore the good bacteria in the intestines that helps to control systemic yeast throughout the body.  This product received a lower rating because it contains less probiotics than our top product, including a key anti-fungal.  Consumer reviews state it works good for chronic athletes foot and yeast skin infections.  There are also claims that it needs to be taken with extra Oregano Oil and probiotics for best effectiveness.

Probiotics aid the body by replacing the “healthy” bacteria in the body to aid with digestion and absorption of nutrients.  They also assist in keeping yeast at a healthy level.  While this is good, yeast overgrowth sometimes needs a little extra help from an anti-fungal ingredient.

This product contains probiotics that assist with digestion and absorption by increasing healthy bacteria and decreasing yeast.  While this product has one type of probiotic, our top product contains a blend of five probiotics. The ingredients in Candida Gone can also help with parasitic infections and digestive problems.  This is good but our editors feel that a blend of a few more probiotics and more anti-fungal properties would increase efficacy.


In order to get the best benefits from Candida Gone, you need to take 2 pills twice daily for a total of 4 pills a day.  Bottle sizes are 90 pills each, so that is one and one-third of a bottle every month.  In looking at the cost, this will actually average about $39.95 a monthwith the extra pills included.

Our Conclusion:

Candida Gonemakes good use of probiotics to help in controlling yeast in the body and balancing natural bacteria.  It just lacks the blend of probiotics our top product contains, as well as a key anti-fungal ingredient.  Also, it takes more than one bottle a month to meet the recommended dosage.  Our editor recommends the manufacturer add a blend of probiotics, more anti-fungal ingredients and make it a little stronger to be more cost effective for the consumer.

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Contains Probiotics check-mark check-mark check-mark
5 Strains of Probiotics check-mark
Contains Undecylenic Acid (the most powerful anti-fungal) check-mark
Balances Body’s Alkaline & pH Levels check-mark check-mark
Doctor Formulated check-mark
Money Back Guarantee check-mark check-mark check-mark check-mark check-mark
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